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September 2013

Applewood Community Information Clinics – Ballyroan Community Centre

We are delighted to announce that we are bringing our free Community Information Clinics to a second venue! From October 2013, Applewood Community Information Clinics will take place monthly in the Ballyroan Community Centre.

About The Applewood Community Information Clinics


The idea of the  Community Information Clinics came about based on our experience working with the over 65’s locally and from feedback from our service users.

Finding yourself in a situation where you are solely responsible for caring for a loved one at home can often be an overwhelming and sometimes frightening experience. There are supports available but often accessing these supports can be difficult and often the information is not available in a suitable format.


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According to the 2011 Census, internet usage among the over 65 population is on the increase however there remains over 300,000 older people in Ireland with no access to the internet. Yet helplines and information phone numbers of state services now direct people to websites for further information or to download forms.

Applewood Community Information Clinics are there to assist people in sourcing information relevant to their situation be that information on revenue or grants available or letting them know about support groups and meetings. We are not there to advise people just to help them source any information that might help in their specific situation.

For example, sourcing information, about; grants and applications, medical cards, pensions, local support groups, home security and providing that information in a suitable format.

The information clinics will take place in the Ballyroan Community Center on the following dates from 11.30am to 1pm

  • Wednesday October 9th
  • Wednesday November 13th
  • Wednesday December 13th

No booking is necessary and we look forward to seeing you on the day.


For further information please phone us on 01 4992201


September 2013

Alzheimer Month – Alzheimer Disease/ Dementia Resources


With projections of rising prevalence, dementia has been described as one of the most urgent public health issues of the 21st Century.  (  Sloane et al 2002)





Currently there are 41,700 people in Ireland living with a form of dementia. It is estimated that this figure will rise to 147,000 by 2041 due to an ageing population. The increase in Alzheimer’s  is a world-wide phenomena. September is  World Alzheimer’s month. Below are some of the resources available to those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and more information on the prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dementia Resources in Ireland 

 The Alzheimer Society of Ireland - The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is the leading dementia specific service provider in Ireland providing a number of care and support options for both people with  dementia and their families and carers. The Alzheimer Society provide a free phone helpline which is operated six days a week and can be contacted on 1800 341341 - The Dementia Services Information  and Development Centre ( DSIDC)is based in St James Hospital, Dublin. It is a national centre for excellence in dementia and is committed to best practice in all aspects of dementia care.   The DSIDC website is a very useful resource and links to several publications which may be of interest to those  with dementia and their carers and the DSIDC  run courses  for both family carers and healthcare professionals.

The Alzheimer Cafe - The Alzheimer Cafe model originated in the Netherlands and is used worldwide. It is based on a social and emotional elements of dementia rather than the medical. The Alzheimer cafes offer a place where those with dementia and their families and friends can come together in a less formal setting to share experiences and support each other. The original Irish Alzheimer Cafe opened in Donnybrook Dublin 4 and there are now several across the county. More information can be found on their website 

Dementia Resources Online

There are thousands of websites offering information tips and advice on Alzheimer’s Disease /Dementia. Googling the word Alzheimer’s will bring up pages and pages of hits which can be overwhelming if you or a loved one have had a recent diagnosis.  While each individuals experience with Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia is unique there are many shared characteristics and by knowing more about these and the experiences of others help us get a better understanding of the disease.

The Alzheimer’s Reading Room- The Alzheimer’s Reading Room is an excellent online resource which links to a large number of detailed articles about Alzheimer’s Disease. The aim of this website is to educate and empower both those living with Alzheimer’s disease/dementia and their family members. There is an excellent search facility on this site allowing to find relevant information from general overviews on the disease to tips on strategies on specific challenges faced by those living with dementia. The site is regularly updated and new content is added daily.

By Us For Us Series of Guides- The University of Waterloo in Canada published a number of guides created by people with dementia and their care givers. The majority of the information and tips in these guides can be applied worldwide and are available to download free on the By Us For Us website. The guides include memory workouts, communication tips, enhancing wellness, mealtimes, grief and tips and strategies. All of the guides were created by  people with dementia for people with dementia and their families.  The By Us For Us Guides are a useful resource for managing daily life with dementia.


Via mamashealth

Via mamashealth



There are thousands of websites offering information and tips online dealing with both the medical and challenges of living with dementia. Reading first person accounts of living with dementia can offer a unique insight into day to day life with Alzheimer Disease and there are a number of blogs written by people with dementia and by those caring for a loved with one Alzheimer’s Disease, online. Here are some worth reading


Watching The Lights Go Out

Sharing My Life With Lewy Bodies Disease

Living With Alzheimer’s

Diagnosis Alzheimer’s



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