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Sensormind Testimonials and Examples

What our service users are saying about Sensormind:

“I wanted to release the burden from my mother who looks after my grandfather. We needed the automatic alerts. Now my mother does not have to be checking every few minutes. It has greatly changed her life. I would absolutely recommend Sensormind to another family.” Laura from Donnybrook

“You feel more reassured because you feel you have someone looking after mum all the time. We felt that if there was something wrong we would be made aware of it very quickly. It puts our mind at ease. And it was the simplest thing to install” Eileen from Finglas

“We were impressed and laughing when Sensormind detected a dog lying in the hallway. If it can do that, what else can it do?” Bill from Rathfarnham

“I like it that we can try it to see if it’s right for us.” Ann Marie from Ashtown

Sensormind- Who It Is Working For

Mrs Kavanagh* is 82 years old and lives alone. She is independent and does not like people fussing around her but she is prone to falls. Mrs Kavanagh as homecare several hours per week to assist her with shopping, cooking and looking after her laundry but does not want care at nighttime. Sometimes Mrs Kavanagh does not hear the phone when her family are ringing and occasionally does not hear the doorbell ringing either. Sensormind offers peace of mind to her family for when they cannot get in touch with her and to Mrs Kavanagh herself because she knows that if she needs help Sensormind will raise an alert without her having to do anything or without the need for a carer to be there with her at nightime.

Sarah* lives near to her father, who is 78 and has mild to moderate dementia. She calls to his home hree times a day but cannot be with him all the time due to her own family and work commitments. Her father has in recent months become more prone to wandering from the house at nighttime. Now when her father opens the front door at 3am, Sarah receives an alert and can either herself or another member of the family can be at her fathers home in minutes.

Michael* is a 80 year widower. Six months ago Michael had a heart attack and was left lying in his bedroom for 8 hours before his niece called to his house the following morning. Michael did have a pendant alarm in his home but was not wearing it at the time. Thankfully Michael made a great physical recovery but became more nervous at home especially at nighttime. Michael now used Sensormind and both his family members who live locally and his neighbours are on his alert list so should he ever need assistance at any time they will be alerted and can get to him quickly. Michael is regaining his confidence at nighttime since he has had Sensormind installed.

* Names are changed to protect the identity of our service users

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Applewood Homecare offering Peace of Mind with Sensormind
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"Mrs Kavanagh knows that if she needs help, Sensormind will raise an alert without her having to do anything or without the need of a carer to be there at night time"