Why carer supervision is essential for homecare carers

Carer Supervision – Why Its Essential for Homecare Carers

Carer supervision is an essential feature in homecare services because it supports carers, reassures clients and improves the overall quality of in-home care services.  

Good quality home care depends on motivated, well-trained carers who are supervised and undergo regular performance appraisals.  

Regular supervision visits reassures clients that their carers are well informed and supported to deliver the care that they need.  In addition, it helps carers handle the many complex challenges they meet in the daily delivery of home care services.

How clients benefit from supervision

We find that not only does active carer supervision give clients security to know that carers are clear about the standards of care expected, it also benefits their health in the long-term.  

For example, close symptom monitoring allows us take early intervention because we can get the specialist health professionals involved as soon as we notice something is wrong. 

This early intervention is essential for the successful management of complex conditions such as pressure ulcers, stoma & catheter care, or mental health such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.  

How carers benefit from supervision

Active carer supervision results in an improvement in the overall health and well-being of carers.   We find that constructive feedback promotes good care practice, self-confidence, team-working and open communication. 

Carers can feel competent in their role and clear about their responsibilities because of supervision activities. It increases motivation too because it allows us the chance to acknowledge and share the individual’s good care practice with the rest of their team.

When supervision highlights the need for additional support in certain areas, we treat this as learning and development opportunities for staff.

Supervision improves overall care service

Carer supervision is not merely checking the care plan is being delivered or assisting with specific tasks associated with the job. We have a committed front-line care support team because we use pro-active supervision to:

  • Help our people feel appreciated and valued within the company.
  • Listen to staff concerns and feedback and take appropriate action
  • Monitor developing care situations to make necessary improvement
  • Deliver positive feedback to motivate carers in their work.


Nursing qualified practitioners, social care professionals, and community care professionals lead our support teams.   All of their learning and experience feeds into supervision practices and this gives a holistic approach to care services.


How we do Supervision in Applewood

In Applewood, supervision is regular contact between supervisor and carer. We use positive feedback to provide guidance, support and to identify areas that need development. It is  a two-way process designed to support, motivate and allow the development of good practice for individual care workers. Our standard support activities include:

  • Field supervision,
  • Close symptom monitoring 
  • Team working,
  • Team leader meetings,
  • Scheduled care plan reviews,
  • 24hr phone support

Supervision is vital to help us maintain and improve the quality of delivery of in-home care services.


We operate an open-door policy

We love when carers drop into the office for a cup of tea because it gives us the chance to touch base. Carers can see for themselves all the kind messages and cards of support we regularly receive about them! If there’s a problem we can use the ‘two heads are better than one’ and ‘problem shared, a problem halved’ whole team approach.

 Carers are amazing people who live the motto ‘Every day making a positive difference’. We owe them this active support so they can get on doing what they do best which is caring for your loved ones at home.

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