Homecare Tax Relief in Ireland

Who Can Claim?

Income tax relief is available to our clients or their relatives at their top rate of tax subject to conditions, therefore you may be eligible for tax relief off of the cost of our services.

You, your spouse or civil partner may claim tax relief in respect of the cost of employing a person (including a person whose services are provided by or through an agency) to take care of either –

A Family Member

A family member (including yourself, your spouse or civil partner) who is totally incapacitated by reason of physical or mental infirmity

A Relative

A relative who is totally incapacitated by reason of physical or mental infirmity. Relative in this context includes a relation by marriage or civil partnership and includes an individual in respect of whom the claimant is or was the legal guardian.

What Could We be Eligible For?

All our Homecare services are VAT exempt.  In addition to that, you may qualify for up to 40% tax relief.  Use the calculator on the right to see how much relief you may be entitled to.


See more information below on who can claim, how and download the relevant form.

Tax Relief Calculator

Revenue Forms and Guidelines



If you, your spouse, civil partner or a relative is incapacitated by reason of physical or mental in rmity and you employ a person to care for the incapacitated relative you may claim this allowance




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