Five Recommended Reads From Around The Web This Week


1.Sixteen  year old Donal Walsh from Cork shares his cancer story in The Irish Independent . A hugely inspirational young man whose bravery and faith is humbling.

Donal Walsh: ” I wanted to live, to play for Munster, to travel the whole world”



  2. shared this fantastic video of ageing in action. Watch what ageing looks like from one to one hundred and two years old.

What Ageing From One Year Old To 102 Years Old Looks Like And What It Means

3.After the horror of the bombs at the Boston Marathon last week, this  piece from about gives an insight into the people who watch marathons.

The People Who Watch Marathons

4. Muriel is a 94 year old woman. Muriel is a quilter and has over 25,000 followers on Twitter and Buzzfeed this week called her the best person on Twitter. If use Twitter we recommend you follow her for her unique and entertaining comments into her world.

The Best Person On Twitter Is A 94 Year Old Quilter

quilting muriel

Via Buzzfeed

5. Joan Bakewell writes for The Telegraph this week on turning 80. An honest and upfront account of what life holds next.

At 80 You Hold On And Prepare For What’s Next

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