Things To Consider When Starting A Home Care Provider

Things To Consider When Starting A Home Care Provider

You are starting a home care provider to help your folks out at home.  It’s a big change and there’s bound to be anxiety for your everyone as to how things will work.  Doing your research and proper preparation are key things when starting a home care provider. It will make things easier all around for everyone and make help at homework for you.

Things for you to consider with homecare:

  • Fully research potential providers to find one you can trust.  You need qualified experienced carers with skills and compassion to properly care for your loved one.
  • Participate in assessment meetings: A reputable provider will want to meet with you to find out what services are needed, how often, and which carer would be the best fit.
  • Fully explain your preferences: During the assessment, consider how much assistance your parent will require.  Laundry, errands, meal preparation, and/or light housekeeping? Will help be needed with bathing, dressing, taking medications, exercising?
  • Estimate Hours needed: How many hours per day do you think your parent requires assistance? A plan of care should be developed with your parent and family members to ensure your needs will be met – this should be reviewed regularly – check the arrangements for this.

Planning for the carer’s arrival

Communication is key – this includes your parent, you, and the carer. Your parent must feel empowered to communicate his or her needs with the carer and you. You need to welcome the carer’s questions so they feel comfortable asking for information that can help them do their job and provide for the safety of your loved ones.  Ask these questions before the carer arrives:

  • How to best respect your parent’s privacy? Are certain rooms or areas off-limits?
  • What should your expectations be? Considering this ahead of time can foster a welcoming and positive environment.
  • What are the preferences for daily activities? Bathe before or after breakfast, daily walks, what favourite TV shows are, or if they need help getting to any weekly activities.

Once the carer starts make sure you communicate preferences with them. Some other considerations can crop up e.g. more help may be needed & this is when you remind yourself and your loved one why you needed help in the first place—to enable them to live safely at home. A good home care provider will be able to add services without disturbing your parent’s routine.

What if you require a different carer?

Sometimes your parent isn’t happy with the current carer. If that’s the case, sit down with your parent and discuss how things are or are not working well, then try another carer to find the perfect fit. A reputable provider does everything it can to match care needs as well as personalities and this is not just when starting the service.


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