Ways To Make The Most Of Your Garden This Winter And Combat Covid

With social distancing set to continue this winter due to COVID-19, it will be essential to use your garden this winter- if you are lucky enough to have one! Good news is that being outdoors helps reduce stress and anxiety.  Gardening itself benefits people both physically and mentally so if it’s someone’s hobby they should keep it up during winter. It provides a purposeful project which in turn provides satisfaction and happiness.

This means we need now to be able to use our gardens safely during the colder, wetter months.

Outdoor Exercise:

Even if people are to be ‘cocooning’ it is still essential to take exercise and keep fit.  This means the garden will be necessary for obtaining fresh air and exercise.  It needs to be a safe place during winter. Tackle any potential hazards now such as

  • greasy decking,
  • lifting slabs,
  • black ice/frost

Sort out these and look out for any other trip hazards now while the weather is fine.

Decking can be especially slippery due to slime from moss or algae so it’s important to get the power washer or a yard brush to it BEFORE an accident happens.   For older people, a path using very large square slabs means they don’t have to walk on uneven grassy areas.

Seat, Light & Heat

Somewhere comfortable and safe to sit is essential if you are to use your garden in winter– check to make sure what’s there is in good order. Also make sure you have the proper clothing ready (coats, hats, gloves & scarf) and a few blanket throws.

Security spotlights are always a good idea. Pathway lighting and shrub spotlights will allow people to continue to safely enjoy the garden into the evening.

Although fire-pits and chimineas are festive for a party they are not without hazard, so for older people, something like wall-mounted infra-red systems might be a better option.

Room With a View

As well as providing a change of scene even if you can’t go out due to weather you can look out your window!  You can interest to your garden in lots of ways.  There are plants that flower during winter so check out your local gardening centre for advice.  Large, tall colourful pots and planters will also do the trick and better access for older people for gardening– just make sure they are weighed down properly in case of high winds!

Cheer up the winter evenings with white fairy lights in a tree or a string of festive lights or lanterns.

You could even add an attraction to encourage wildlife to the garden such as bird-feeder or something to encourage hedgehogs and have a local soap opera.

It looks like COVID-19 will be here for the while longer, so we will all have to adapt ourselves and use our garden to it’s fullest this winter.  It’s the best option for preserving mental and physical health when our usual activities are no longer available.

Stay safe everyone.  More advice for staying healthy during COVID-19:


In the meantime, we’re delighted to see Elain and Maura outside enjoying themselves and benefiting from the fresh air!